Thursday, 28 March 2013

an opening

the reason why I'm blogging is because i had so many ideas that somehow just fade away into memory.  as a man who study accounting and football enthusiast , I'm accustomed to form opinion to whatever thing i heard or saw. be it Cyprus crisis or football match.
it will happen even you don't want it...

Crewe Alexandra no. 1 talent Max Clayton
when most of my friend are here in jogja, ruly, nurdin, fathir, ramon. we used to discuss anything about public sector accounting. now all of them are away so i have no one to discuss. mostly at times, i just sit in front of my computer, forming my opinion and when i satisfied with my explanation. i just let it go. what a shame! at least now i had a blog, i can write any opinion that i have about anything and whenever i'm bored or need inspiration, i can just look at it.

so here you go. expect anything goes. ranging from my thought of international economic crisis, football and pretty much anything that cross my mind.

oh and about the language, i enjoy writing in English so don't expect much bahasa Indonesia. you might even expect Spanish sometimes as i currently learning one.

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